Fair Salvador Rum XO would be easy to overlook on our crowded backbar but those that spot it are not dissapointed.

Fair Salvador Rum XO is a proper Rum and what I mean by that is that it doesn’t mess about and it isn’t trying to be something it’s not. Plenty of Rums at the moment are trying to stand out in a busy crowd by experimenting with interesting finishes from barrels, or even heaven forbid by adding flavourings. They also try to stand out with fancy bottles and colourful labels. Fair Salvador Rum XO does none of this. Right at the centre of the bottle in the largest font is the word, ‘Fair.’ This is first and foremost a Fairtrade Product.

Fair Salvador Rum XO is a blend of 3-6-year-old Rums that have exclusively been aged in ex-bourbon barrels. The liquid is produced at the Licorera Cihuatan Distillery, the only distillery in the smallest country in Central America.

This Rum has been created from fermented Molasses and distilled on a column still- quite a traditional process but as the Rum is relatively young it allows all the flavour of the distillate to shine through. I taste toasted marshmallows from a campfire and toffee-apples from bonfire-night. This rum tastes like it was born from fire. It isn’t hot on the palate though, at 44%abv it’s soft and intriguing. I would add that this is not just a two-dimensional liquid that tastes molasses and barrel, this has really interesting vegetal notes, with a slight funkiness for fun.

This is first and foremost a Fairtrade Rum and they proudly note that the Sugarcane is certified Organic and sourced directly from a co-op of 209 Independent farmers, including 27 women and 182 men.

This is a unique taste into the quality of the production in El Salvador and not to be missed. Once you have tried this, you must try the second new XO release from Fair, from Paraguay, see my write up here.