Scratch Rum is a lot of fun and must try

I didn’t know too much about Scratch British Rum when I bought it for Black Parrot. This was a bit of a stab in the dark but I think it’s got a huge amount to offer any Rum fan out there looking for something a little bit different. Once you’ve tried some Veritas and some William George and you’ve been to all the big producers, this is most definitely your next stop.

Scratch British Rum comes from fermented Molasses. It’s then double distilled on a new custom made copper pot still and aged on-site in Hertfordshire in a 3 different types of barrels: Ex Bourbon, Ex Scotch and New Charred Oak. It’s bottled at 42% ABV

On the nose you are instantly rewarded with pear-drops and tropical notes such as foam bananas, I also enjoy a little rhubarb and custard tang on the palate which is a great point of difference that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

I’m not normally one to comment on the packaging but I have to say that I love the artwork on this bottle, especially the pot still on the front and the casual Fox and Badger on the back!! It makes it both fun and yet draws your attention to the craftsmanship in the production process.

Scratch British Rum has lept onto the scene with a remarkably unique and bright Rum. It’s a wonderful addition to our ever growing collection of Rums made in Britain, and for more information on British Rums, please take a look at some of our other British Rum write ups here.