We love this new Pot Still Rum from Scotland.

Ninefold Pure Single Rum is incredibly well made Rum from Scotland. It is new on the scene and it deserves your attention. This is a must try Rum.

Ninefold is a relatively new addition to our bar and I was honestly a bit dubious as to how it would stand up against some of the more tried and tested rums out there, such as the El Dorado 3yr, Doorly’s 3yr, Dimplomatico Planas, Plantation 3star, the list goes on of very tasty white rums from around the world that are great value for money and very easy to use in cocktails. That said it really has impressed me.

This is an un-aged rum that has been double distilled on a new copper pot still in Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland. It is bottled at 40% ABV 

Ninefold Pure Single Rum is very exciting liquid: it is soft on the palate, presumably due to the copper stills and the water being used, and the mouthfeel alone is worth paying the extra money for. That said the flavors that are bouncing out of this quality rum reminded me of gingerbread biscuits on the nose and lots of butterscotch, white chocolate and macadamia nuts on the palate. What’s not to like?

If this is how they have started I will be very excited to see where they go next. 

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