Classic Foursquare Rum with an ‘Exceptional’ twist

I loved Foursquare Sagacity Rum right from the first nosing- in fact, there’s not much to not like…

The label tells us that it’s 48% ABV; It’s a blend of Pot and Column stills and it’s matured in ex-Bourbon and ex Madeira casks.

It’s got all that lovely Foursquare-y-ness that we’ve all come to know and love over the past few years and yet it is offering much more than just your typical 12-year-old from Richard Seale at the Foursquare distillery in Barbados, which you can get in various forms such as Doorly’s 12yr, Foursquare Sixty Six or even R.L.Seale which is aged for 10 years.

Aromas leap out of my glass and make me think of a coconut covered marshmallow or Tunnock’s Teacakes with the buttery biscuit base. This is just the beginning, however, as I then smell sawdust and fresh oak barrels. On tasting, I then get all the rewards of the Madeira barrel and am hit with dried fruits, prunes, raisins and morello cherries.

The transparency that the Foursquare Distillery offer is not to be snuffed at, with no added sugar or colouring, just lots of lots of flavour from having distilled and aged some very tasty liquid indeed. This transparency is causing a bit of battle in the Rum world at the moment, due to regulation across the category, especially in Barbados where Rishard Seale and others are trying to create tighter regulations on the rules for Rum produced in Barbados. Click here to read more about the dispute.

Foursquare Sagacity Rum is exceptional value for money and a must-try for any Rum lover or indeed anyone interested in aged spirits.

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