Copalli Single Estate White Rum is, as the name suggests, an eye opener into the world of single-estate and small-batch Rum, so often overlooked in the Rum world

Copalli Single Estate White Rum has really won me over and if you need further convincing after reading what I have to say about it then I suggest you a) watch this video here and b) buy a bottle!

This is a superb white rum, for lack of a better way of describing it other than by its colour. It is full of exciting flavours that you can’t hide in a cocktail. These strong notes of sugarcane stand up to the test of even my questionable bartending skills?! The reason for this is that it is made from Sugarcane Juice, not your more typical molasses. The flavours that result are idiosyncratic and joyful. On the nose there’s heaps of Parma Violet and notes that remind me of the most full-flavoured of the Clairins from Haiti. On the Palate it is pure Cocoa Butter and it has the softness of Cocoa Butter too unlike most Clairins. Bottled at 42% ABV it has a seriously delicate mouthfeel and dissapears all too easily.

You probably won’t have heard much at all about this Rum as it only built in 2016 with farmland of about 3,000 Acres. The Copal Tree Distillery that produces Copalli Rum is situated in the southern rainforest in Belize and is an ambitious new distillery with a vision for sustainability and high quilty produce that respects the local environment. The Rum is certified 100% Organic and as well as their Sugar cane they also produce Coffee and Cacao.

This Rum intruiges me further as the makers use canopy collected rainwater and local yeast in the fermentation process leading to it’s unique flavour profile. This really is a stunning Rum made by some very clever people that care passionately about the planet and high quality produce, and not at the expense of the former.

Copalli also produce a 6 month Barrel Rested Rum at 44% ABV which I look forward to writing about shortly.

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