Bimber London Rum is a great Rum from a Distillery making serious noise in London

I find it funny when products like Bimber London Rum sell themselves on the basis of the city that they’ve been produced in, especially when it’s London. What exactly is a “London Rum”? That said, this is great rum, the distillery is a really cool site up in a not particularly picturesque industrial estate in northwest London, but once inside its a different story. This really has had love and attention thrown at it, including some serious financial backing… and all this has led to some really exciting liquid. 

Along with their Gin, Vodka, various liqueurs and other such things they are also making Rum. And quality Rum at that. Rum with a real point of difference:

This Rum is really earthy and vegetal and reminds me (in a good way) of the diesel fumes cycling up Brixton Hill- is this what makes a Rum, a London Rum? There is something a little rough around the edges here that I really like but on the palate it is smooth and buttery as you might hope for in a quality white rum. There are also strong notes of lime sherbet white chocolate and a little spiciness that I’m calling pink peppercorn

All this from a distillery that is named after Polish moonshine, ‘Bimber‘.

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